Carbon Fast

Most Rev. Thomas K. Oommen, the Moderator of the Church of South India, encourages Christians for observing a 'Carbon Fast' during the forthcoming Lenten Season.


CSI Church formally endorses Gadgil report

Special Correspondent The Central Kerala diocese of the Church of South India (CSI) has formally endorsed the recommendations of Western Ghat Ecology Expert panel Report (Gadgil Committee Report) and has called upon the State and Central governments to take necessary steps to implement the recommendations taking precautions to protect the interests of the settlers in the High Range area. In a letter mailed to K Kasturirangan, chairman of the High Level group on WGEEP Report, Bishop Thomas K Oommen head of the Central Kerala diocese said the only people adversely affected by the report were those ruthlessly exploiting the resources, “especially those involved in illegal mining, quarrying, sand-mining, wood trading, illegal construction, cultivation of ganja and poaching,” the letter said. He pointed out that the most interesting feature of the report was that the recommendations were tentative and flexible. This gave the local communities and the local bodies the ultimate power in decision making. The recommendations were especially crucial for Kerala which was critically dependent on the Western Ghats for itsnatural resources, biodiversity, the wetlands, paddy cultivation and agricultural practices. The decision of the Central Kerala diocese is based on the recommendations of the department of ecological concerns under the diocese following the colloquium held last January. ‘The only people adversely affected by the report are those ruthlessly exploiting the resources.’


Christian Denominations Differ on Ecological Issues

The attempt on the part of the Church of South India (CSI) to find a common ground on ecological issues among various Christian denominations through a joint consultation here on Monday failed to produce results.



More Books on ecology written and edited in the leadership of Prof. Mathew Koshy were published. Following books were published.
Eco Bible studies
Silent Killers in the Environment
Environmental Stories


Green School Award - 2013

The Green School Award of the year 2013 was awarded to CMS High School Mundakayam


CSI Diocese Seeks Review of River-Linking Project

The Central Kerala Diocese of the Church of South India has urged the Centre to review the river inter-linking project, considering its impact on the ecosystem.


Green Theology Book Release

The Vice Chancellor of MG University, released the book Green Theology (edited by Dr. Mathew Koshy), by giving a copy to Prof.Rev K.C.Mathew


Recounciling with Nature - Book Release

Bishop George Isaac Released the book published by CSI Synod ‘Reconciling with Nature’ edited by Dr.Mathew Koshy


Spiritual Depreciation is the reason for Environmental Problems

All Kerala Eco Consultation conducted on 23,24 August 2013 by CSI MKD Youh Movement. Spiritual Depreciation is the reason for Environmental Problems: Bishop Thomas K Oommen


Environmental Protection

Environmental Protection is the part of Christian Belief: Dr. Joesph Mar Divanasyos


Churches back Kudankulam stir

Staff Reporter The Church of South India and the National Council of Churches in India on Tuesday expressed solidarity with the ongoing agitation against the nuclear power plant at Kudankulam in Tamil Nadu. Inaugurating an anti-nuclear meeting organised jointly by the ecological departments of the CSI Synod and the CSI diocese of Central Kerala at the Eco-Spirituality Centre at Othera near Thiruvalla, Bishop G. Daivashirvadom, CSI Deputy Moderator, called upon the government to take immediate steps to resolve the issue. According to him, nuclear power had only a bleak future and hence India should stop chasing the same and drop the Kudankulam nuclear power plant in the larger interest of protecting earth. ‘‘Christians believe that economic growth should not be sought at the expense of environmental and social goals. Churches should have an important role in supporting a partnership attitude to overcome some of the driving forces behind profligacy and over-consumption. The Bible contains many warnings on the dangers posed by materialism and the early Christians advocated a lifestyle characterised by sharing and moderation,’’ the CSI Deputy Moderator said.A resolution adopted at the meeting said that the environmental risks involved in nuclear power included the threat of nuclear accidents, the legacy of toxic radioactive waste, and the effects of unintended radiation. Christians should be particularly mindful of human fallibility, it said. Addressing the meeting, Christopher Rajkumar, NCCI secretary, too extended support to the agitation. S.P.Udayakumar, who has been leading the Kudankulam agitation, addressed the gathering in a tele-conference held on the occasion. Bishop Thomas K. Oommen presided over the meeting.


Solidarity Against Nuclear Plant

CSI Madhya Kerala Diocese announced solidarity against nuclear plant at Koodankulam at CSI Eco-Spirituality Centre at Othera on 21st November 2012. CSI Madhya Kerala Diocese took this decision to save the life of 1000s in the Tamil Nadu State by stopping the working of the Nuclear Plant which caused the death of 1000s in other countries like Japan


Ecological Seminar at Eco-spirituality Centre, Othera

Every living being on the Earth has a right to life, said the Bishop of CSI Madhya Kerala Diocese Rt.Rev. Thomas K Oommen.Speaking at an awareness program on the topic “Ecological impact of River linking project” at the Eco-spirituality centre at Othara,Kerala he said that citing the excuse of development we were destroying the habitat of many living things. CSI Madhya Kerala Diocesan ecological Concerns Committee organized the one day ecological conference in partnership with CSI Synod Ecumenical and Ecological Department on 20th August 2012 at Othera.Any developmental work without studying the ecological impact will have disastrous effect , said Mr. N.K. Premachandran, former Minister of Water resources of Kerala.Dr.P.S.Harikumar, scientist from Central Water Resources Development , Calicut presented the scientific aspect. Rev. Shibin Varughese, Mr. Jobby Joy and Rev. A.C.Thomas presented the theological aspects. Bishop Thomas Samuel delivered the concluding address. Dr.Mathew Koshy Punnackadu, convener of CSI Madhya Kerala Ecological Concerns presented the Ecological programmes of the Diocese


Green Lessons for Society

The Eco-Friendly Bishop Moore College, Mavelikara, is all set to become one of the State’s ‘Green Colleges’. The Bishop Moore College, Mavelikara, is moving towards a serene eco-friendly and responsible way of learning and is all set to become one of the State’s Green Colleges’.


Honoured by UNDP and ARC

United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) and Alliance for Religions and Conservation (ARC) has honoured the ecological contributions and long term commitment of CSI in protecting the life in this planet by giving an award on 3rd December 2009. We receive the award from Mr. Baan Ki Moon, Secretary General of UN in presence of Prince Philip in a function organized at Windsor Castle, London


Green Parish, Green School and Green Home awards

Green Parish, Green School and Green Home awards were given on 29th January 2009 Green Parish Award 2008
Green Parish Award of the year 2008 was awarded to the following Churches
1. St. John the Baptist C.S.I.Church, Pallom
2. C.S.I Resurrection Church, Kanneetty
3. St.Andrews C.S.I.Church, Kumplampoika
Green School Award 2008
Green School Award of the year 2008 was awarded to the following schools
1. Baker memorial Girls Higher Secondary School,Kottayam(Higher Secondary)
2. C.M.S HIGH SCHOOL, Puthuppally (High School)
3. C.M.S L.P School, Muhamma(L.P.School)
4. C.M.S.L.P.School, Pallom(L.P.School)
Green Home Award 2008
1. Shri. Viji Thomas Chandy, Kallupurackal,Pannimattom
2. Shri Kurien Thomas, Ambattu Punnaveli,Karikattoor
3. Shri.Alex Kurien, Vettinilkkunnathil, Nallanikkunnu


Water Harvest

Water Harvest of the CSI Madhya Kerala Diocese was dedicated by Rt. Rev. Thomas Samuel on 1st April 2006. The main aim of this water harvesting is to promote waterharvesting in all the churches of Madhya Kerala Diocese so that churches will have surplus of water in the summer season also.


Book Release

Haritha Sabha, Edited by Dr. Mathew Koshy, was released by Cochin University Vice Chancellor at Ernakulam in May 2005


Green Diocese Programme

Bishop Thomas Samuel inaugurated the Green Diocese programme of the Diocese by planting a tree on 26-1-2005


Environmental Rally

Environmental Rally was organized on 24th to 26th May 2004 to proliferate the importance of rain water harvesting in which the rally visited the different parishes of the Madhya Kerala Diocese and circulated leaflets which spread the significance of rain water harvesting. The rally was well esteemed as it was able to raise an environmental awareness among the Diocesan members and the public


Green Parish Award & Book Release

CSI St.Thomas Church , Quilon bagged the Green Parish award for the best ecological work done during the year 2003. Rev. Oommen Daniel collected the Green Parish Award from the Diocesan Bishop Rt. Rev. Thomas Samuel during the Ecological Convention of the Diocese held at Kottayam on 30th January 2004 and A book on Chemicals harmful to nature was released by Bishop Thomas Samuel (authored by Dr.Mathew Koshy) by giving a copy to Rev.Dr.K.M.George,Principal of Orthodox Theological College –at the Diocesan Convention Kottayam.


Green Parish Year

Year 2003 was declared as Green Parish Year by Environmentalist Prof. S.Sivadas on June 5th 2003.