Interactive Bible Study Programmes

During the biennium, on 13th May 2003 and 15th February 2005, two interactive ecological Bible Study programmes were conducted. Rev. Dr. Kuruvilla C Abraham, Bangalore (leading eco theologian of Asia) led those programmes.

Eco Camp 2004

A three day deliberation on ‘Christian response to Ecological Issues’, which gave good insight and vision for the participants, was conducted from 21st to 23rd October 2004 at Amos Centre, Adichira near Kottayam. The camp was organized with the cooperation of Joint Ecological Commission. Papers on the following topic were presented by Rt. Rev. Dr.… Read more Eco Camp 2004

Ecological Sunday

The Rt. Rev. Thomas Samuel, Bishop of the Diocese planted a sapling on the Church campus on 6th June 2004 at Pampady as a mark of the Environmental Day Celebrations 2005. All the Churches in Madhya Kerala Diocese celebrated 6th June as Ecological Sunday. Eco sermon, special services, meetings were conducted in all the churches.… Read more Ecological Sunday

Environmental Rally

An Environmental Rally was conducted by the Diocesan Ecological Committee from 24th to 26th May 2004 to proliferate the importance of rain water harvesting in which the rally visited the different parishes of the Madhya Kerala Diocese and circulated leaflets which spread the significance of rain water harvesting. The rally was well esteemed as it… Read more Environmental Rally