Interactive Bible Study Programme

Interactive ecological Bible study programmes were conducted as part of the biennium celebrations. All the districts of the diocese are conducting interactive ecological bible study. It will help the diocesan members and the participants to save the earth in biblical manner. Leading eco theologian of Asia are invited to deliver speech. Clergies, Church workers, environmentalists… Read more Interactive Bible Study Programme

Environmental Day Celebrations

World Environment day is being celebrated in the month June. All the parishes in the Diocese celebrate with meaningful programmes and seminars to educate the people about different topics on environment. The diocese is celebrating Environmental Day every year. The diocese promotes all the churches in the diocese to organize programmes relating to the environment… Read more Environmental Day Celebrations

District Level Work

A clergy is in charge of the eco activities in the pastoral district. The first Tuesday of every month clergies of the pastoral district will meet regularly for evaluating the pastoral work, prayer and for study. The clergy in charge of eco activities will report the activities in the meeting.

Relief and Reconstruction of Tsunami Affected Areas

The Diocesan ecological committee has decided to enter into collaboration with the Forest Department of Kerala to cultivate Mangroves and Casuarinas along the coastal areas. This is a part of CSI Synod’s programme to cultivate Mangroves and casuarinas on the coastal belt of Tsunami affected areas. The General Secretary of CSI Synod has appointed Dr.… Read more Relief and Reconstruction of Tsunami Affected Areas