Pilgrimage to Ecological Places

Pilgrimage to ecological places is organized by the Diocesan Ecological Committee members for ecological study. It is organized under the leadership of the diocesan bishop. Every year, a pilgrimage is organized to different ecology related places of Kerala. A group of members are also selected by the diocese to accompany with the ecology committee members… Read more Pilgrimage to Ecological Places

Seminar on Ecological Topics

Diocese organizes Seminars on different topics related to ecology. Seminars are organized at diocesan level, district level and the church level also. Famous speakers from different part of the world are invited to talk on the topic and to have discussions. The diocese will give financial support to the churches to organize the seminars. Delegates… Read more Seminar on Ecological Topics

Green Audit

Diocese is conducting a green audit programme. A sample questionnaire is prepared and the green audit it conducted with the questionnaire to know how much participation each church gives in ecological activities.” This is conducted every year to find the Green Church. The winner is awarded the Green Parish Award in the month of January… Read more Green Audit